The Original 'Did You Feed The Dog?


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  • Device helps keep track of when the dog was fed with simple color coding. No batteries needed!
  • Great way to teach children about the responsibility of pet ownership.
  • Reminder helps to prevent overfeeding, which can in turn help to prevent obesity.
  • Made of high-impact ABS plastic and mounts almost anywhere. Adhesive mounting squares included.
  • Stylish Brush Metal Appearance

    Compliments any decor.

    Mounts easily with 2 adhesive squares (included)

    2 foam adhesive squares are included with every unit.

    Sliders 'click' in place

    The sliders have been engineered to 'click' in place and are not subject to being bumped out of place.

    Made from high impact ABS plastic

    Sturdy enough for any home and engineered to last after years of use. This is a unit that has been solidly built; not some flimsy plastic trinket.