Solar Lights Outdoor, 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights


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  • About HECARIM
    Light is a medium to enhance people’s everyday life, it contributes greatly to the sense of well-being.
    Since its inception, HECARIM has been committed to providing innovative products and researching solar lighting equipment designed to protect the environment and conserve resources.

    MISSION: Customer-centric, adhere to the customer experience first.

    TECHNOLOGY: HECARIM has advanced science and technology, constantly innovates, keeps up with the trend of the times, and introduces more new and powerful equipment.

    QUALITY: Survive by quality, promote development by reputation, and pass on by the quality and word of mouth. Make sure that the quality of each product allows you to buy with peace of mind and peace of mind.

    PUBLIC WELFARE UNDERTAKINGS: “Lighting Public Welfare Project” was initiated by HECARIM. Every time a lamp is sold, people behind poor areas will add hope.

    The Ultimate Guide!Answer you in advance!

    Nighttime Darkness
    Solar lights that are exposed to artificial light at nighttime will not turn on because they rely on low-levels of light to determine whether it is nighttime or not. so you'd better moving solar lights to darker areas.

    Clean Dirty Solar Panels
    The solar panels on the top of solar lights will collect dirt and grime over time, making them less capable of receiving sunlight. Remove any debris that has collected with a smooth wet cloth.

    Fully Charge Solar Light
    This could be because of multiple cloudy days, where the batteries are less efficient at storing energy, Turn the solar lights off, while still leaving the solar lights outside in the sunlight. Leave them unused for 48 to 72 hours, and then turn them on.