Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids, 12'' Woofer Bluetooth PA System


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  • 2 Bonus Wireless Microphone, Rechargeable Speaker - Audio Recording for / Meeting / Performance
  • 【Karaoke Stereo】The powerful PA system with 12" woofer design delivers deep and rich, booming bass and surrounding sound, which creates a driving force that makes you more passionate and energetic while working out in the dance studio or football stadium. With Accompany function by removing vocals from any songs and 2 bonus wireless microphones, it is time to start your band with your friends and hold your own concert for fun at any time and any place.
  • 【Easy-carry】Portable Karaoke Machine weighs just 18lb with retractable pullout, wheels and handles to allow you to move it easily like a suitcase. It can travel with you; having it in your car doesn’t take too much space, but fill your journey with pleasure of karaoke. Besides the rechargeable battery inside, it also has a DC 12V INPUT socket for additional DC 12V power source (such as power station, car adapter, battery, etc.) to keep the party going on and make sure everyone have a great time.
  • 【Easy and Multiple plug】Want to sing while 2 wireless microphones taken by other friends? A Mic. port for an additional wired Mic for you. Want to show off your guitar skills? A guitar port for your performance. Want to try a new song on youtube? Connect the machine and the tablet via BT, then it is your fantastic karaoke time. Want to listen again what you said just now? Record it by simply pressing recording button and re-play. To meet your needs, it always has its ways to make it happen.
  • 【Easy Play】It is easy and fast to connect Bluetooth for the first time and automatically connect to the same Bluetooth name in the future. You will always know how to make this multi-functional Bluetooth karaoke machine work. It will be a magic gift, even for your little kids. They can always get along with it easily and have fun by finding out its magic power of hearing their own voice coming out of this box.
  • 【Multiple Bonus】This professional karaoke machine is excellent and impressive with 2 bonus wireless microphones, remote control, user manual, and AC and DC cable. Abrato karaoke speakers come with a 30-day warranty! If you are experiencing any defect after 30 days, please reach out to us, and we’ll assist you further.