20pcs Different Cartoon Animal Finger Puppets Soft Velvet Dolls


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  • 20 pieces of different animal finger puppets. All animal puppets with hands and feet, small and cute.
  • Material: durable soft velvet cloth. Size: Height: about 7cm; Width: about 3cm.
  • 20 different animals include: hippopotamus, elephant, rabbit, duck, cattle, dog, panda, bear, frog, mouse, Turtles, crabs, seahorses, whale, sharks, dolphins, grouper, starfish, shrimp, octopus
  • You can tell a lot of stories about the animal finger puppets to your children.Smiling animal finger puppets can certainly bring more fun and imagination to your child's everyday play time activity. These also make cute props for story time and baby shower decorations for girl or boy.
  • Each puppet hole is snug to secure adults or children's fingers fit. High quality soft velvet texture make these a beautiful and classic plush toy set.
  • Size:


    • Height: about 4-7cm/1.58-2.75inch;
    • Width: about 3-9cm/1.2-3.5inch.
    • High quality:

      100% brand new and high quality 20pcs Different Animal Finger Puppets Props Dolls Toys.

    • 20 different animals include:

      Hippopotamus, Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cattle, Dog, Panda, Bear, Frog, Mouse.Turtles, Crabs, Seahorses, Whale, Sharks, Dolphins, Grouper, Starfish, Shrimp, Octopus